Special Education Programs

Birth through Two Years Services:

Special Education services are provided to eligible children age birth through two years when they have been diagnosed with a disabling condition.  The Clarkston School District works collaboratively with Asotin County Community Services (ACCS), who provides the services for children in this age category.  When a child turns 3 years of age the district and ACCS work together for a smooth transition of the child into a school program.


Developmental Preschool:

Special Education services and support are provided through Clarkston School District for eligible preschoolers ages 3 through 5 years.  Children with two or more areas of delay may receive instruction in our developmental preschool classroom.   Currently, the district preschool program is located at Grantham Elementary School.


Eligible children may also receive therapies while attending ECEAP, Head Start, day care, or are school-based.


Special Education Itinerant Services:

Itinerant / Related Services may be provided to support a student’s education progress when identified in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Related Services may include support services such as speech and/or language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health services, vision services, orientation and mobility instruction, transition services and special transportation.  These are available district-wide.


Developmental Center (Primary & Intermediate):

This classroom provides services for students with significant developmental delays.  Students may spend all or most of their school day receiving specially designed instruction in all academic areas as well as self-help and adaptive skills.   This district program is located at Heights Elementary School.  The program primarily has students ages 3 –13. 


Autism Program:

This language and social enriched program is based on the TEACCH program.  Students may spend all or part of their school day receiving academics as well as communication, social, and behavior skills.  This elementary district program is located at Parkway Elementary School.


Resource Support/Skills Center:

Special Education resource staff members are provided at every school site.  The staff provides specially designed instruction to students with disabilities. These services may be provided within the general education classroom, in a pull out model, or a combined model depending on the needs of the individual student.  The areas are:

o       Oral expression

o       Listening comprehension

o       Written expression

o       Basic reading skills

o       Reading fluency skills

o       Reading comprehension

o       Mathematics calculations

o       Mathematics problem solving

o       Behavior

Behavior Education Social Skills Training (BESST):

The primary goal of BESST is to teach student’s self-management, self regulation,coping and social skills, enabling them to return full-time to their regular classrooms and be successful.  Students who are enrolled in BESST will attend the elementary where the program is located. Based upon the students needs they vary in time within the BESST room and emersion into the general education classrooms. Once they have demonstrated the behavioral skills to be successful in class they may return to their home school locations. The BESST program is located at Grantham Elementary.

 The BESST staff works closely with regular classroom teachers to help in developing positive behavior supports. The primary emphasis of instruction in the BESST program is focused upon appropriate and productive classroom behaviors.  The BESST program will provide instruction in social skills and self-management within an academic setting.  Lessons include friendship skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, anger management, and listening skills.  Activities such as journal writing, feeling identification, goal setting, and role-playing are used to reinforce these skills.


Life Skills:

The Life Skills High School classroom provides specialized instruction for special education students with moderate intellectual delays. Instruction is provided in areas of functional academics, daily living skills, communication, and social skills. Students may spend up to half their day in the regular classroom.


Self-Contained Classroom:

This program is for students 13 -21 who have significant developmental delays.  They receive instruction in daily living skills,communication, behavior, social, and functional academics.  This classroom uses the TEACCH work-based instruction.  Students spend most of their school day in this program.


Vision/Hearing Impaired Program:

Special Education staff members serve vision/hearing impaired/deaf students with specially designed instruction.  These services may include interpreting and accommodations in the mainstreamed setting and/or a pull-out model through collaboration with general education.


Northwest Children’s Home Educational Center:

The Clarkston School District contracts with this nonpublic agency to provide academics and behavior modification for students who need a small self-contained setting away from the public school setting in order to meet their needs within their least restrictive environment.  This program is located in Lewiston, Idaho.



This program is for students that will miss 20 or more days of school due to illness or injury.  Upon physician documentation,the district can provide a tutor for five hours a week (or as determined by team) and access to all general curriculum.

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