Questions and Answers

Common Questions:

How is Clarkston Home Alliance different from Clarkston Online?
Clarkston Home Alliance (CHA) is a partnership with families who have chosen in the past to educate at home and/or will continue to educate at home in future years. CHA is a Washington State recognized Alternative Learning Experience program.

Clarkston Online was a focused, one year solution for families who were choosing to educate from home due to the current pandemic.  Clarkston Online will dissolve at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Is there a designated curriculum?
Clarkston Home Alliance does offer a free, rigorous online curriculum for families who choose it.  However, if you already have a preferred curriculum or would prefer a paper-pencil curriculum we can work with you to develop an individualize program.

Can my high school student earn a high school diploma?
Yes. Clarkston Home Alliance (CHA) is an alternative learning experience within the Clarkston School District. Families and students can work with their designated CHA teacher to plan a path to a traditional high school diploma.  

Can my high school student still participate in Running Start?
As part of the Clarkston School District, your child is still eligible to participate in Running Start.

Can my child still play school sports?
Absolutely! Students enrolled in our program are eligible for participation in extracurricular activities.

Is the program really that flexible?
Yes.  We understand families choose to educate from home for a large variety of reasons.  Our program is designed to work with you and your child(ren).

Do you provide technology?
Rental Chromebooks are available to students who choose to participate in our online curriculum.

Are there state requirements?
Clarkston Home Alliance is an alternative learning experience within the Clarkston School District.  As a public school entity, we are bound by specific rules and regulations governing public schools, coursework, graduation and assessments.  To learn more about those regulations and how they apply to your vision for your children, please contact CHA directly.

Do you offer any opportunities for social interactions and/or enrichment opportunities?
Yes.  As we are growing and developing, more opportunities are being developed.  Due to Covid restrictions, this past year we were limited to optional, weekly STEAM enrichment opportunities and tutoring.

Where can I get more information?
For more information or to set up an informational meeting, please contact:
Michelle Nicholas, for students K-6
Candy Becker, for students 7-12


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